Consumer Privacy & Data Breach Part I — Is It a Global Issue?

An article by Ayesha Yousuf

Social Media & Data Breaches:

Over the preceding decades, the hype and usage of social media platforms have become a common tool for connectivity, business, sharing content, news, and information.

Approaches Being Immensely Used For Data Breach:

With the dawn of the sun each day a new case comes to the limelight indicating that a new hack or breach is causing the loss of billions or even the lives of innocent people.

Knowledge Discovery of Data:

Whenever someone enters the space of social media, he/she makes an account. To activate that account the user gives the platform personal information such as their birthday, geographical location, personal interests, and in some cases the contact details also. This information is stored on the network and used for data mining. Data mining is basically where the companies used to store data and custom campaigns according to the customer’s likes and preferences. This data is used for breaches and has reached the extent where the data is sold to third-party companies without the consent of the users. This is counted as a breach of consumer privacy.

Phishing Attacks:

A phishing attack is a method that is a common tactic that cybercriminals use. The attack lures people into providing personal and sensitive information. Often posing as a social media platform, the attacks are in the form of email or text messages. The attacker acts as a legitimate source and lets people fool into the trap.

Malware Sharing:

Any malicious software is designed to penetrate the host’s system. By doing so the attacker gets easy access to the host’s data such as email, social media accounts, and different platforms through which the host is connected to the world. These kinds of attacks could also lead to worse consequences such as extorting money or bank account details, along with false advertisements through social media channels. Resulting in another form of a consumer privacy breach.

The Curse Case Of Mia Ash:

On January 13, 2017, a purported London-based photographer named Mia Ash started a malware campaign. She targeted people from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). LinkedIn was the platform she chose to target as it is considered to be used by professional people and establish connections for business purposes. Keeping that agenda in mind she started reaching out to people.

Botnet Attack:

Bots on social media are another common way for attackers to get access to the victim’s device. Bots on social media are automated accounts that create posts and also are automated to follow new people whenever a new term is mentioned. A large group of bots makes a botnet. These bots and botnets are a great source to steal data, send spam messages and also launch distribution of denial of service attacks (DDoS). These DDoS attacks help cybercriminals to hack the consumers’ devices and penetrate them resulting in access to their contacts and much more.

Consumers’ Privacy — A Global Issue?

The information stored on social media channels is vulnerable to attack, solely inducement being the network is not secure enough. Typically all the platforms existing on the internet have privacy policies that are disclaimed the purported as a waiver once users consent to them. But often these policies are hard to intercept, vaguely designed, and also difficult to impossible to implement. All the components add to make these policies pretty useless.

Facebook Fooled The Common Man:

To survive in the market and make the most out of social media platforms companies buy users’ data, completely banishing the consumer privacy protocols. That data is then used to attract customers on social media platforms according to their interests and likes.

The Verdict:

It is high time and vital for data security firms to be aligned with the government and lawsuits to take action against it. If giants like Facebook are using these kinds of tactics it would be impossible for smaller firms and companies to enter such a competitive market where supremacy and monopoly are with those who breached the consumer privacy protocols.

Yahoo Exposed by Reuters:

Yahoo — a multi-million dollar company faced probably the largest data breach in history. Over 500 million users’ information was exposed to the world.

Vizio Sees Us Through Their Smart TVs:

A very famous electronic brand Vizio still exists in the market which was once very popular as it sells Smart TVs and other devices for comparatively lower prices than Sony, Toshiba, etc. Although the quality was somewhat the same.



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We exist to build trust in the web3 ecosystem by cultivating veterans that are experts in security, testing and audits. Visit the website: